Maksym Wolosewicz – Founder and CEO at the Polish Institute of Civic Cooperation, CEO Travel House

Maksym Wolosewicz (Максим Волосевич) – a journalist, blogger, specialist in the field of migration legislation. In the Foundation also advises on how to establish and manage business by foreigners in Poland. Maksym Wolosewicz – Founder and CEO at the Polish Institute of Civic Cooperation, CEO Travel House

Maks has extensive journalistic experience. In the past he worked as a regional correspondent, investigative journalist and editor-in-chief of the weekly magazine. He also created with his friend language school for foreigners and worked there as a head of the Secretariat.

Maksym Wołosewicz created and implemented several business projects in Poland, Ukraine and Spain in the Canary Islands. He also worked as a specialist for operating systems MacOS/iOS and he advises clients in an international corporation in Germany.


National University of Odessa: political science (Odessa, Ukraine).

Nicolaus Copernicus University: political science (Toruń, Poland).

Scientific experience

PhD student in the field of political science, participant of the Scholarship Program of the Government of the Republic of Poland for Young Scientists in the academic year 2014-2015; author of numerous publications in Russian, Ukrainian and Polish. The area of scientific interest is democratization, democratic transformations in the post-Soviet area, comparative analysis of political systems in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, non-governmental activities.

Non-governmental background

For many years, Maksym Wolosewicz has been involved in various social projects. He is an organizer and participant of socio-cultural events addressed to adults and youth from the countries of the former Soviet Union. He was also a volunteer in the EVS program and participant in many international exchanges (Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, Latvia). He loves to make contacts with young, enterprising people from around the world, thanks to which he learns about their cultures, the customs and norms prevailing in them.

He communicates in the following languages: Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, English.

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